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Bad After-Partying Choices

How many weekend nighttime drivers are under the influence?


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Big and Light

How does bigger plus lighter happen?


Competitive Bids and Deals

A look at the trends in driving used vehicle sales nationwide


Costly Car Parts Hiking Repair Costs, Thefts

The sum of a vehicle’s parts is often greater than the whole, so to speak


Volunteer State Safety

How isTennessee reducing traffic accidents


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Welcome Back, Ranger

Is Ford reintroducing the Ranger in 2018?


Fine Whine

Vintage auto racing makes tracks at car shows, speedways nationwide


Long-Distance Runners

Here are the dozen cars and trucks that owners most often hold onto for 15 years or more


Long Running

Which car brands do owners keep the longest?


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: New and Big

All of the three cars I’m looking at right now are a little bigger this year than they were in previous years. Is this prevalent?

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