Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Welcome Back, Ranger

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Q: I was checking out pickups last fall and the guy at the dealership said Ford is reintroducing the Ford Ranger in 2018. I’m not finding anything that confirms that, but I wish it was true because I had a Ranger for a few years and I liked it.

A: You’re going to be a very happy man.

Ford announced in January at the North American International Auto Show that it’s bringing back the Ranger, which it stopped producing in 2011.

What Ford said at the show was that this new Ranger will have turbo and will be aimed at a more “urban customer”.

The “urban” (translation: “young”) emphasis is clear from many elements of this new version, including color choices: it’ll come in Sabor (an interesting orange), Lightening Blue and Hot Pepper, along with the usual black, gray, silver and white.

You can see it now by going to the Ford website to establish if it’s what you’re after.

It’ll be out this fall as a 2019 model. No info yet on exact date or pricing.

Reader feedback: A few columns ago I responded to a reader wondering if the widely complained-about vibration rattle in the 2015 Honda CR-V had been fixed on the 2017s. Half a dozen readers got in touch to say they have the 2017 and there are no rattle problems; one said he’s experiencing a vibration rattle on his 2017 but in a different area than the one in the 2015 and the dealership hasn’t been able to resolve it yet.

And then there was this comment, a reminder to carmakers that many people won’t give you a second chance if you do poorly by them once: “I'm one of those unfortunate current owners of a 2015 CR-V. The vibration problem my wife and I experience is on the passenger side (and not driver side that's described on Honda's Service Bulletins). Despite several trips to the dealership and their technicians performing all three driving mode repairs, the problem still exists. One service tech actually had the gall to recommend ‘just buy a newer (2017) model.’ Nope. I'd recommend your reader get another vehicle make/model. We’re currently saving up for a Subaru Forester.”

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