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Orange OK?

Is orange an bad color to buy?


Cadillac Unveils New ‘Super Cruise’ System

The most advanced autonomous driving system available to date will be coming this fall.


A Massive Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017 is shaping up to be a busy travel weekend.


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Flush Facts

Are fluid flushes worth the money?


Car Seat Safety a Difficult Subject

Parents reluctant to discuss car seat safety with other parents, survey finds.


Long Distance Runners

A recent study suggests big trucks and SUVs are the most likely models to keep on going for 200,000 miles or more.


Not Driving Under the Influence

Should behind-the-wheel passengers in self-driving cars be allowed to be under the influence?


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Lot Rot

Why would a new-ish battery die so quickly?


Beware the Potholes

How to avoid - and maneuver through – potholes.

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