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2 Questions Answered by Sharon Peters

Car expert Sharon Peters answers reader's questions.


Anti-Accident Technology

There are many advanced technology safety systems being used in cars today, but some aren't effective as hoped.


A Fast and Frugal Pickup

The optional ‘EcoDiesel’ engine in the Ram 1500 affords V8-like power with top fuel economy


2015 Cars With the Best Resale Values

Big money can be at stake depending on how quickly a given car or truck depreciates. Here’s which models are expected to best preserve their resale values over time


4 Anti-Theft Tips

They may not attract much attention otherwise, but family sedans and pickups are among the models most favored among thieves


2 Safety Questions Answered

Automobile expert Sharon Peters steers you in the right direction.


A Car to Love: The 2015 Ford Mustang

The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang ponies up with fresh styling and added sophistication


The Car of Your Dreams

Few may be able to afford a Bentley, but those having unlimited funds could do worse than spend around $250,000 to drive one of the quickest luxury cars on the planet.


How To Deal with Winter Weather

Cold weather can cause bag MPG. Learn a few tips that will help your vehicle maintain maximum efficiency

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