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Fine Whine

Vintage auto racing makes tracks at car shows, speedways nationwide


Long-Distance Runners

Here are the dozen cars and trucks that owners most often hold onto for 15 years or more


Long Running

Which car brands do owners keep the longest?


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: New and Big

All of the three cars Iím looking at right now are a little bigger this year than they were in previous years. Is this prevalent?


Gas Stations Could Become Fitness Centers in an Electric Car Future

Athletic equipment maker Reebok would rather motorists pull in and have a cardio workout, rather than stop for coffee, a donut and lottery tickets


Cars and Trucks With the Best Resale Values for 2018

The burliest vehicles are predicted to bring the highest rate of return at trade-in time


The Big Fix

How many safety recalls for 2017?


Work Trip

Best commuter cars comfortable, sporty, fuel sipping all at once


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Over Pressured

Follow the car manufacturer's recommendation, or the tire professionals?

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