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Cheapest-to-Fix Cars When the 'Check Engine' Light Goes On

It could be something as minor as a loose gas cap, or as major as a blown engine


Van Fans

Carmakers adapt commercial cargo vehicles to passenger-riding travel carriers


The Colors of Money

Yellow is pure green when it comes to boosting a vehicle’s resale value


Shopping Season

Which day was the busiest car shopping day of 2017?


Steering You Right with Sharon Peters: Cold MPG

Does cold weather decrease mpg?


Driving School

Teen driver safety programs provide road-like situations, specialized training



When it comes to color, North American drivers like understated vehicles.


Hydro Power

Auto industry hasn’t given up on hydrogen-fueled cars, even with few models and stations beyond West Coast


Posh Pickups That Break the Bank

The most expensive heavy-duty hauler will set you back nearly $90,000, fully loaded

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