New Mercedes Nomenclature

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Remember when car names evoked power and prestige instead of being just mind-numbing letter and number combinations? Get ready for more of the same, as Mercedes-Benz recently announced it would be adjusting its vehicle designations to more effectively associate models with their core passenger-car lines, which will remain A, C, E and S.

Most SUVs will now begin with the letters GL, thus the compact GLK becomes the GLC to better identify it with the C-Class line, the midsize M-Class is renamed the GLE as a reference to the E-Class and the full-size GL is renamed the GLS to affiliate it with the S-Class. A newcomer will be the CLA-based GLA subcompact crossover SUV. Among two-seat sports cars, the compact SLK becomes the SLC, though the SL name remains status quo.

Mercedes models will be further identified according to engine type, including “c” for compressed natural gas, “d” for diesel, “e” for electric, “f” for fuel cell and “h” for hybrid.

We assume the Sprinter commercial van will continue as the only Mercedes-Benz model that actually has a bona fide model name.

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